Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Proof of better conditioning

I just got back from a grueling trip to help my Brother in law, George unload a truck full of stuff.

George just got transfered to Fort Polk in La.  He had the military movers handle his furniture, but the miscellaneous collections & other stuff he has collected over the years got loaded into a 24 foot truck that he drove down in.  It was slightly over 7000 pounds of stuff(yep we weighed it) including a number of quite heavy individual pieces.   An old steel 8 cylinder engine & tranny, on its own little dolly.  A huge tool chest.  & then the gorilla.  An 800 # gun safe (empty- because we unloaded it to move it)  

It might have been easier if it hadn't been the very last piece off the truck & we hadn't been moving all this other stuff in 85 degree 100% humidity central lousiana, all the time from noon til 6:00pm.

I will admit that this effort taxed me to the very limit of my current abilities.  But I managed it. & we got that 800# monstrosity off the truck, down the ramp & into a 10 x 5 locker with just myself, George and a groaning handtruck.  OF course after that, I had to let George complete the reloading of the safe.  I handed him some stuff here & there, & collected all the loose ends.  

I did all the appropriate post workout drinks & stayed hydrated.  Relied on O2 Gold most of the day, & cursed myself for forgetting to order muscle fuel. :-)

After all of this activity I had a nice dinner, & drove 3 hours to my parents.  Fort Polk is literally in the middle of nowhere central La & I had to get to Baton Rouge.

As I was driving I reflected on the fact that as little as 6 months ago, being able to help George out was not a possiblity.  I physically could not have done it.   I'm a bit sore today, but not as much as I expected.  I even got out & washed Mom's car for her this morning.  Well dad got up on the ladder & did the top of the SUV, but I got all the lower bits.  

Then I completed the last 3 hours of the journey home.

OH My Goodness. what a couple of days.

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