Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28

Had a difficult night sleeping, had to resort to all available mesures including chemical to get to sleep.  But did manage to complete the most difficul portion of the Bus. plan that has been disrupting my schedule.   Today I shall complete it.

A little soreness from last nights bout with stubborness.  And Great news 338 on the evil measurement device.  

Had a laugh yesterday about the actions of well meaning fools.  As I may have mentioned my business partner & his wife have some reatail stores.  The are also both engaged in a similar battle with their unruly habits to lose a bit of weight.  Some thoughtless vendor in an attempt to show apppreciation for business and garner good will for their products, submitted as Christmas tokens at least 3 Evil Measurment Devices all wrapped pretty as you please in festive paper.  I say at least 3, because I found those 3 unopened presents stacked in my partners office & inquired about them.  Since he knew what they were I can only assume that there was at least 1 more that had been opened (not in evidence mind you).  I must have read hundreds of books on the best ways to create and maintain happy customer relationships but I can not ever recall, " Lets send a scale to a fat person for Christmas, they surely need it.  " as ever being a listed option. :-)  

Once I get a few minutes I will dispose of the EMD's at the office in humane fashion.  Perhaps we can decorate them as targets & blow them to bits as part of our "Reaching our goal celebration ritual"  What do you think? :-)

I will attempt  a lighter workout this evening & post the results tomorrow.  Have a great day & don't let the EMD's keep you down.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 27 part 2

Got home & worked out.

5 sets 10, deadlifts
5 sets 10, 2 handed swings
3 sets 10, snatches (each side)

Tried to follow Vo2 timing top of minute per set.  Found that this was too ambitious & almost ended up toes up on living room floor graying out.  Had to sit down & then lie down for a bit.  Will try again tomorrow with longer break between sets.  Unless Jon has other recommendation.

Based on July measurement I have lost inch in hips & waist. However I think the change since December is more than that since I had gained 20 lbs of flab since July.

At any rate here are current measurements that we can use as baseline for future progress checks:

As of Jan 25, 2009

Neck 19.5
Bicep 18.75 (Unsightly chicken wing right now)
Chest 56.5
Waist 50.75
Belly 58
Hips  52
Thigh 31.75 (Another unsightly chicken wing)
Calf  18.75 (Mostly muscle)
Neck to Tummy  28.5 ( Measures the Dunlop factor)

Today's effort, tomorrow's reward

Today was a banner day for avoiding the evil cookie! Every Tuesday, temptation strikes from the good willed vendors bringing their wares and a little something sweet. Oh, how I love sweets (see cheesecake posts below :) ) Today, I was determined not to succumb. Took huge salad, split it in half, with the remaining portion going directly to the fridge for a snack later on. Then, I see all the cookies floating around on the table. They smelled so good. Determined, I reminded myself, reward for these steps would not come today, or even next week. The reward is a month from now when I am down to a 16. I believe I have crossed over into the world of nothing tastes as good as a smaller pants size feels. Not every test is a perfect score, but I'm definitely feeling my A+ for today.

No exercise yesterday. Woke this morning for exercise. Went lighter than Sat. due to time. Warm ups and then on to swings, etc.

3/10 deadlifts
3/10 swings
3/10 one armed swings
4/10 lunges
3/10 squats
100 get up situps

Ran out of time for the TGU practice, but did stretch for a bit. Shoulder injury beginning to bark a little. Heading for a massage next week. Should take care of pesky shoulder.

Sweaty day to all. A.

Day 27

Felt like crap this weekend, no energy, no motivation & ankle still bothering me.  Took a few days & tried to keep off of it as much as possible.  Maintained diet regimen no (tastes good but bad for you food sneaking in) but have not worked out in a few days.

Have been largely occupied in very sedentary task, writing business plan.  Would stretch it out but am facing tight deadline.  Have been sleeping for 4 hours & getting up & working on it until I get tired again & then down for another 3-4 hours every night for last 3 nights. Very wearing, but almost to end.  Completed 1rst draft early this morning & edited it for content issues with partner.  

Have another 5 or 6 hours of work to do (minimum) before we turn it over to the Grant writer. :-)  

Current plan is to go home & swing iron a bit before dinner.  Work a couple of hours & then try to get good nights sleep & finish up tomorrow.  Will be glad to get to next step in project & get back to better routine.  The good news is the billing on this project is significant & we should be able to outfit ourselves with complete set of bells once the check from client comes in.  

Weight holding steady @ 342, but was holding fluid this morning so i expect a decrease tomorrow. :-)  Am following it closely because I want to close out Jan with a net 15 lb loss for the month :-)  

I'm so close I can taste it :-)

BTW we got a good baseline body measurement on each of us with tape measure on Sund.  I tried to compare to previous measurements but found that the most recent saved was from June of last year.  I will post my results on that later this evening once I get back to house. 
We have also managed to locate most recent photos (July last year) and will post them once they arrive from family.  We will be better able to document progress from here on out.

I can say that clothes are fitting better & I have had to re-tie my fat boy shorts twice this month to keep them from sliding down around ankles and i have also been able to comfortably wear t-shirts that were too tight a few months ago. :-)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Light day

Definitely sore from yesterday's efforts. Nighttime recovery and joint promotion worked like a charm. Today's plan for a 4 mile walk were dashed by cold, dreary weather. So, I dusted off ye olde exercise bike and did a brisk 5 miles. Enough to work the body and get a little sweat on.

No purchases yesterday, but I did successfully get into a size 18 jeans and 18/20 shirts without any grunting, huffing, puffing, etc. Tight, true, but wearable in public. Size 12 is getting ever closer!

Note on eating/food: have done course correction in last few days to ensure smaller meals truly are small (at or under 300 calories at a time), and generally staying under 1500 for the day. Not all meals are at the 300 mark, so I'm somewhere between 1200 and 1500. Will see how that along with exercise spirit does over the next few weeks.

Good day to all. A.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I love a challenge...

So, Jon's challenge to KBMarty got me thinking...If I never go beyond what I think I can do, I will never know what I can really achieve. So, this morning, I set out to do what I refer to as my "sweaty man" workout. Came up with this phrase while I was working out in the gym and spending 1.5 hours to get as sweaty as a man.

Today's entire workout on the top of the minute clock. All exercises done with 15 lb kb. Ever mindful of form.

Start with superjoints

One top of the minute
Four sets/10 dead lifts
Four sets/10 swings
Four sets/10 one armed swings

Two minute walking break here. Huffing like crazy, needed to slow down.

On top of the minute
Four sets/lunges (two sets each side) (note to self: pants that drag get caught in the bell. get smaller pants)
Four sets/squats

Two minute walking break.

10 sets/get up sit ups. Kicked this one up and did 100 in 8 minutes instead of 10. Soon my chest will protrude further than the belly fat. :)

slowed down for TGU practice. Locating and working the weak areas for strength. Working with bell now vs. just lifted arm.

Finished up with good floor stretching and slow, methodical breathing.

Snack is probably one of the best I've tasted in a while. One scoop muscle gain, one scoop post workout recovery, 1/2 tbs of cheesecake pudding mix, whizzed up with ice and water! The magic bullet is the BEST "As seen on TV" thing we have ever owned!

In keeping with today's challenge mentality, I've decided it's time to go into a real store and try on the size 18 pants to see how they fit. Far cry from the tight size 30s I was wearing a little over two years ago and I haven't had a size 18 in the closet since high school. High School was a long time ago. Ultimate size is 12. Must keep pushing the envelope!

Sweaty day to all. :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 23 part 2

Jon pointed out that i had not included some info about progress.  True but unintentional.  I had posted this morning before getting dressed & then discovered that my fatboy shorts that i had retied last week were once again loose.  I relayed this to Jon via phone on my way to office.  

I plan to put tape measure to body tomorrow with Angela's able assistance & will post results.  

Long exhausting but productive day & work.  But in no mood for second work out today.  Will have to get used to doing longer workout in mornings to make sure it gets done.

Jon you did show me that flexibility thing for ankles & I had been doing it prior to fall, i think in part that is why the damage was minimal.  I just overworked it too soon this week.

It is getting better, particularly since i switched to boots to get better support.

Can't quite touch butt to floor on squats, but amazed Angela & myself with how far down I could go & get right back up without assistance.  Making progress for sure, first time I met with Jon     (6 or 7 weeks ago) I  did about 10 swings & was toes up in the garage trying to keep from passing out.  Probably scared the crap out of him.  :-)

Day 23

I got up this morning after a somewaht better night of sleep.  Had my spark & started working out before I could wake up enough to come up with any creative excuses not to. :-)

Before: Max 3, Spark, Catalyst, O2 Gold

Deadlifts x 20
2 arm swings 2 sets 10
1 arm swings 2 sets 10 each
snatches 2 sets 10 each
presses 2 sets 10 each

took about 20 minutes.  The plan is to do similar effort this evening. 

After:  Meal packs Max 3, Postworkout recovery+ muscle gain shake, with chessecake pudding mix for extra flavor.  Ok but not as good as Meal replacement shke with pudding mix.  Yum

Still sore, particularly ankle, change shoes out for hiking boots to get better stability.  Hope that will help.  

Today I get to do battle with server again, as we transfer some inventory to Ebay Store site to try it as an additional outlet for sales growth for the Jewelry & clothing stores my partner owns.

Also working on business plan for new venture, due monday, as well as promoting my own side business (Advocare).  Today is a day of many hats. :-)  

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 22

I found that I did indeed overdo it yesterday.  Straining injured ankle which hurt like dickens last night.  Had rotten night overall, woke up choking, apparrently have not lost enough weight yet to sleep on back.  CPAP unable to compensate enough.  This may have been cause of some of my energy issues the last couple of weeks.  May not have been getting good rest due to poor apnea response while sleeping on back.  Will make concious effort to sleep on side tonite with hopefully better results.

All I did today was Squats, deadlifts, & presses.

Will attempt more tomorrow.

Still losing, down to 342 today.

Back in the saddle

After a brief, but icky sinus infection (meds and all), I'm back in the saddle. Thanks to Jon for the motivation. Workout tonight was light. Around 15 minutes. Super joint warm up. Did one set of 10, each dead lifts, swings, one-arm swings, lunges, squats. 40 get up sit ups. Practiced TGU. Able to go one side all the way with the weight. Other side, still working on strength. Since lungs weren't cooperating with getting overheated, I focused on top shelf form. Felt good when done. Tomorrow's weather looks positively balmy, 71 degrees, so I'm planning a power walk at lunch.

Losing inches in waist and belly fat. Going to do some modification to portion sizes to see if I can get better results.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

day 21

Crummy couple of days working on business & personal challenges.  In the old days this would have meant days of comfort food & grumpiness.

Today I chose instead to keep working toward my goal.

Had modest day eating & the time i was tempted to cheat @ lunch I had grilled chicken breast sandwhich on1/2 the bun & water.

Was pushed for time this morning so did not excercise.  When I got home I didn't feel like it but I went ahead & did very vigorous 15 minute workout before having to quit.  Probably overdid it a bit taking out the frustrations of the day.

I still have to make a very concious effort to do the exercise.  Hopefully someday it will be a habit I won't have to think about as much.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 20

Angela has been sick. (Nasty sinus infection)   I felt like I was trying to come down with it as well but managed to head it off by sleeping 18 hours a day for last few days.  (which helped with injury healing as well)

Finally able to do modest workout today.  Ankle still a little sore.  But by keeping to excercises that kept my feet planted I was able to do a fairly thorough 30 min. KB routine.


Had good allover post workout soreness, so I know I'm getting back on track. :-0

I also weighed this morning to see if there was any weight penalty for the layoff.  

I am pleased to say that there was not.  Still 344.  I consider holding steady to be a plus, given the forced inactivity.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 17

I found a few other sore spots.  Apparently bruised & stretched more than just ankle.  Feels like aftermath of really hard workout.  With the added fun of large bruise where I must have hit something.  Ankle still sore but not swollen, iced it first night & have been soaking in hot water when it aches since.  Did well until late in the day when I had to stand up for a bit assisting tech in ongoing efforts to repair damage I did to computer network on Wed.  

Slept really late this morning & I think I will do what I can of superjoints and check again tomorrow.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jan 16

Had another disappointing day at office yesterday, with mixed results.  Attempted to correct the problem I had created the day before & just made things worse.  One bright spot, I recognized I was in over my head and called for expert assistance, he was able to correct the problem in 20 minutes.  And when he tried to do the task I was assigned that caused all the problems he had the same result.  

No server migration is without its challenges & we have discovered that this one is no different.  Our current version of Quickbooks appears to be incompatible the new server & will have to be upgraded if we want to keep going with current plan.  Grrr!

Why do I mention this, well I had just completed the 1 hour tech call to charming but limited Quickbooks support tech in India and was leaving down the stairs into the warehouse, where some thoughtful soul had turned out all the lights.  

So I'm lighting my way down the stairs with my cell phone screen (dim but manageable) if you pay attention, which I wasn't doing.  I was busy running my mouth and missed a step in the dark with the usual consequences for stupidity, pain.

I fell 3 or 4 steps onto concrete & turned my ankle good.  Mostly I scared my buddy Garth, & felt stupid.  He was behind me on the stairs and could easily have duplicated my pratfall landing on top of me.  He was asking if I was ok, to which I replied that sure I was OK but that I used to be able to talk & walk at the same time. :-)

So now I have a sore ankle to work around while I exercise.   I am going to rest today, & figure out what i CAN do without straining ankle too much.  It is sore but not swollen.  So hopefully it will be temporary problem.

I also weighed myself this morning to get baseline (not to be increased during pause weight) 344
down 10# since Jan1.

I dug out an old cookbook from the zone diet that I am going to review for recipe ideas to help Angela out with.  I appreciate all her effort to keep us supplied with healthier meals but as she mentioned we have been struggling with keeping the tastes interesting.  For people accustomed to gourmet class cooking (ours usually) keeping the food flavorful as well as healthy is critical.  

Since I will likely be a bit less active physically for a day or 2  I will do some cooking ahead to combat the problem.   


Friday's are a good day. Did a no-no yesterday by getting up at 5:15 and thinking I would just get back to bed for a few minutes since it was sooo cold, with plenty of workout time. Alarms are so brutal. Worked out in the p.m. Same routine, a little slower than usual. More squats and get up sit ups. Going to work the weekend to do longer workout. Food decent this week. Cooking has been way off. Not sure why. Must work on that as well. No workout this morning. Working my way to more workout days than not. Going about every third day. Need to be every other day or more. Must dress and brave the cold. We do live in the south, don't we??

Good day to all. A.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 15

Yesterday managed to do just superjoints stuff.  Was pressed for time & figured I would do rest of workout in evening.

In retrospect that decision had a poor result.  By the time I had completed a disastrous day at work & managed to get home. I had a raging headache & just enough energy to eat a little dinner & collapse into bed.

This morning went better.  I got up early, did :

rocking squat w/weight

also figured out pressing problem with e-mail server at work that was working fine until I tried to install something yesterday.

So overall a better start to my day.

Had Chocolate cheesecake MRS for breakfast this morning.  Wow, that was good. Thanks for the tip Jon.

Ah well, off to to battle with e-mail server once again. :-)

BTW:  Jon I should have checked your comments on the 13th before leaving work. I showed up at home with zone bars.  :-)  IT created a little unintended hilarity at my  expense.  I do know better than to attempt a substitute no matter how well intentioned once Angela gets to the (pimp you out stage of hormomal rampage).  It's not smart to challenge mother nature that way. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 13

Woke up feeling sluggish & wanted to go back to bed. Perhaps a slight Ambien hangover. But got up anyway & then committed foolish act.  Had a little bit of chicken before excercising.  Mistake, stomach in knots while working out, won't do that again.  

Did 3o minute workout.  5 - 8 minutes on Joints & stretches.  The balance of the time spent on dead lift,
swings (2 handed)
cleans (still banging forearm a bit)
& snatch & walk around as recommended for perfecting form.  

Followed up with Post-Workout recovery & scoop muscle gain shake.  Also Max 3

Watched section on snatches again this morning & know I have to work on technique.  Also think weight has gotten light for me.  Gotta figure out how to squeeze one or 2 new KB's into this months budget.

Was definitely glad that Angela did not feel the need to Pimp me out for Littles Debbies or cheese cake.  She is not kidding, there have been hormone storms that bad.  I have had those phone calls instructing me not to come home without "therapuetic snack" with impatient follow up calls when I did not arrive post haste.  :-)  She seems to be doing better & is happier which is all I was ever concerned about. 

Slightly sore, I can feel that I am pushing the pace a little bit & challenging my body to do more.  I came home last night & after Angela went to bed I did another light workout.  8 minutes deadlifts & swings.

AM experimenting to see what if any effect it will have on my sleep pattern.

Still feeling like I'm holding fluid, have been drinking a sugar free Crytal light type juice, going to cut that out today & see if it is the cause.

Will be drinking lots of water today & may add a few drop of cranberry extract to the water.

New day dawns

Just finishing a morning KB workout, and reminding myself that I always feel better when I do an a.m. workout. Yes, I am one of those AWFUL Morning People! Feeling like the day will be energized and not guilty when I get home and don't have the motivation. Jon, thanks for the wagon comments. I had the food struggle yesterday but am determined not to let it define today. On the upside, I didn't demand Jamie not be let into the house without a jumbo pack of little debbie swiss cake rolls, or threaten to pimp him out for cheesecake. Yes, I have done both of those in the past! I am not proud. Tonight is pre-cooked protein and chinese stirfry.

Workout. All sets 1/10 done with 15 lb KB at 60 or 90 sec. top of the minute. Stretching or power joints before and after workout.

3 sets dead lifts
3 sets swings
3 sets 1 arm swings
2 sets lunges
3 sets squats (no bell)
TGU practice top down/bottom up
6 sets GU sit ups.

Good day to all! Angela

Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 12 of new resolve

Day 11 did not go well.  Was wiped out from long week & caught up on sleep.  Kept getting up & feeling sleepy so would lay down again.  Finally got up around 2 feeling marginal, but had some work that needed to be done.  

No workout, no strecthes nothing.  Can't allow myself too many days like that & still reach goals.

Day 12 better.  Got up did superjoints, & strecthes then did 2 handed swings, cleans & snatches while watching Enter the Kettlebell.  even attempted turkish get up, did 5 each of the 1rst half of get up.  Also managed basic pump strecthes 5 (did better than I thought on those).  Excercised for 30 minutes with one brief break.

Will get more organized routine together for tomorrow.

Having a shake now & getting ready to go to office.  

weight up a bit 348, I feel like I'm holding fluid - too much salt yesterday :-)  

Anyway, Jon advised Angela to put away scale 4 awhile & focus on routine so that is what we are going to do.  Will post wgt progress at 2 wk or monthly intervals & measure progress by how much activity I am doing & how clothes fit.

In that vein I have noticed that shirts that were begging for mercy a few weeks ago are now merely whimpering.  Soon they will be loose :-)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

UGH! the scale

It is such a temperamental beast. For all my natural life, I've been taught to worship the scale and its results. It's numbers are torture. After nearly two weeks on the lean in 13, I've dropped three pounds, but I feel so much better than three measly pounds. Clothes are fitting better. Energy good, even in the face of long days at work. I think I'm going to demote the scale to a once a week check.

Continuing the protein prep today. Turkey yesterday. Greek Chicken and grilled chicken breasts today. All frozen into pre-portioned packs. It's so nice to pull out the chicken already cooked and do frozen chinese veggies. Meal in 10. Faster than I can dial take-e-out-e!

Worked out yesterday:
warm up stretches. All bell exercises done with 15 pound bell, and generally each set of 10 done on the top of the 90 second mark.

3 sets dead lifts
3 sets swings
3 sets one-armed swings
2 sets lunges
3 sets of squats with no bell
5 attempted turkish get ups each side. pulled something in back side of thigh and body wasn't cooperating, so did everything up to that point.
5 sets get up sit ups.
attempted the ballet move. must work on core to get that one.

craving mass protein yesterday, so had roasted chicken for breakfast, 1/2 post workout recovery shake for lunch and turkey with romaine salad and broccoli for dinner.

Just realizing it's been 12 days since I've touched processed sugar!


Good days to all. A.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan 10

Got some rest.  Still sore, but not as bad.  Did superjoints routine, swings, jerks, cleans for about 8 minutes, before had to stop for domestic emergency.  Garbage disposal sounded like it was attempting to eat the counter.  Had to clear it, today is cook ahead day.  We have found that we do better when we have meals & snacks prepared ahead we are less inclined to make poor choices.

ie: I don't feel like cooking & am starved, fast food starts singing its siren song.

The way we are doing it we always have stuff in freezer for quick reheat dinner, & have ready protein sources for small snack type meals.  I have been trying to eat small snacks including protein throughout the day.  It is a big departure for me, I'm still used to larger meals even after working on these habits for more than a year.

Will excercise some more this afternoon.  Have some work I have to get done today but I am going to multitask as much of it as I can.

Todays weight:  346  I am encouraged by the rapid initial weight loss (8lbs in 9 days).  I know it will level off at some point, but the faster i can get below 300 the better 4 my overall health.  

Yesterdays eating:
Bfast - 2 spark
3- catalyst 
max 3
meal replacement shake with scoop & 1/2 muscle gain protein powder

lunch:max3 2 spark
 shake + protein powder (don't usually do this but I keep stuff on hand at office for emerg & it worked out great yesterday, when i got parked in by unloading 18 wheeler) 

dinnner: roasted chicken (sam's club rotisserie) 4-5 oz
salad made with heart of romaine

still hungry an hour later so had 4 oz of homemade chili leftover from yesterday.

went to bed early.  woke up around midnight restless, had another few oz protein & got some preliminary work done on Sat project.  Went back to bed about 3:00 am

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 9

Had to make do with super joints & streches today. Very sore + exhausted was up all night working on a computer problem for a client so decided to take it easy today & do more vigorus workout tomorrow.

Still sticking with the eating plan.  

Todays weight 347

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8

Rountine this morning:
Max 3 + Spark+Rehydrate
Superjoints 25 each
Rocking squat with weight 5 min
2 x 10 basic 2 handed swing
3 x 8 up into rack ?
3 x 8 press

went a little too fast & had to sit down

will have to review video to see what I omitted. I know there were several other excercises i need to be doing on regular basis.  I may get to them this afternoon or evening.

 Jan 1 begining weight 354     Todays weight 348.0  

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dream Stealer Deactivated.

As Jamie mentioned, we cut off the Sat. TV, ask it was just sucking our minds dry and we were allowing it to take up too much space in our lives. There's time for so much more with out it.

Had motivating and challenging workout with Emily last night. Not as sore today, thanks to Nighttime recovery. Will hit the bell again tomorrow.

Food-wise, we're making much better choices and seeing progress. Did the new favorite with a twist tonight. Onions and peppers, sauted down, low heat so they get all nice and carmelized and still have a bit of snap. Topped with turkey taco meat (turkey ground meat with taco seasoning).

Tomorrow is a refuel day. Steamed sweet potatoes here we come!!!

Jamie's 1rst post

Have been doing Pavels super joints excercises for 2-3 weeks as well as basic stretches & a little bit of Kettle Bell stuff my buddy Jon showed me.

I am also on day 7 of new diet regime designed to optimize fat burn.  It is more complex than I expected & I am not actually following the regimen 100% as yet.  Will continue practicing it until I get better at it.

Just completed Joints & stretches this morning after a very good work out with Jon last night, I learned more Kettle bell stuff & am sore this morning. :-)

Will swing the bell this evening, apparently forgot to unload it from the car.  :-)

Initial game plan is to use light weight to master form & then progress from there.

Todays weigh in an encouraging 351.4 Right on target for the THANKSGIVING DAY REVEAL.  Which is Angela & I's favorite topic of discussion right now.  You see we have both been "Fluffy" for most of our lives and are looking forward to arriving T Day to see the jaws drop on our fam's faces :-)

We have made some significant changes in our lives this month in order to remove distractions & keep our focus on our twin goals of Fit & Fine in 09 and Financial independence.

We have sought out the best supplements available on the market & determined that Advocares products meet our needs, we have modified our eating habits, begun a vigorus excercise regimen & cut off the satellite TV. It was too much of a distraction, there wasn't really much on there worth watching & none of it was helping us reach our dreams.  So that particular dream stealer has been terminated. :-)

I will be posting regularly this year updating our progress.  I will try to post daily but may miss a few here & there.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday's post

On Friday, did warm up, kettlebell workout, 40 deadlifts, 40 swings, 40 crunches (?), and lots of practice on the turkish getup. No workout on Saturday, unless you count mall shopping. Only thing that got the heart rate up was wondering where all the sale prices were. Plan on doing kettlebell workout today, but won't take credit until I actually do it.

On the food front, we're following Lean in 13 since Thursday. Eating like a champ. Lots of roasted chicken and veggies. Last night, fresh spinach salad with mushrooms and roasted chicken. Following shakes/snacks as outlined. Never thought I'd be so excited to see a sweet potato today, as it's a refuel day today. Best ever way to cook sweet potatoes...peel and cube into even sized pieces. Steam for 20 minutes exactly. Salt, pepper and little olive oil or butter (a little goes a long way) and it's golden!

Good Sunday to all.