Friday, February 27, 2009

120 day challenge

We've been challenged to make the biggest change in our bodies we can make over the next 120 days.  The winner gets a makeover or in my case a fishing trip. :-)  

I got back into town on tuesday night after being on the road since last friday, didn't do too badly considering the challenges & tempations of eating on the road.


Resumed focus on bodily fat removal wed. :-)   Added new product to regimen (slim) , max 3, catalyst, spark, meal replacement shakes, O2 Gold.

As of this morning 333 on EMD.  Still hopeful about kicking off March at 330 or lower.  

Swung the bell for 10 minutes yesterday & walked for an hour this morning.  My goal for march, do some level of physical activity every single day, escalating difficulty as able.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Resumed KB workouts today


5 sets squats with weight
3 sets of 10 2 handed swings
3 sets of 10 snatches.

took about 25 minutes, but boy am I sore.  Definitely paying for layoff.

yeah yeah I know no pain no gain.

EMD reads 335

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How time flies!

I am embarrassed to even admit how long it's been since I've posted. Should not have let sickness and then life stress get the better of me. I too, am back in the exercise saddle. The glorious weather has meant lots of long (2 miles or better) power walks. Have had to stop inviting people as they get distracted with pretties in the windows. I do tend to get singular minded when I'm on the mission. Continuing to do well on food. Free day is now free meal day. It's good to have boundaries. A new friend has offered me her size 16 pants as a motivator as she's left that size and headed to a 12! Jon, thank you for your continued motivation! As you said, there's still plenty of Feb. left and November will be here before we know it. Focus, focus, focus.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ack its been a whole week

I have good news and bad news.  Good news first.  I have been working extraordinary hours (12 -15 hours/day seven days / week) on a start-up business project that will hopefully pay off handsomely.  The really good news is that I have been able to work those hours on a sustained basis at all.  You see up til around Christmas I had been unable to work anything like a full week consistently.  My sleep disorders were kicking my butt on a regular basis, leaving me in a serious state of sleep deprivation.  Yeah I thought big deal myself, so what if you miss a few hours of sleep here or there.  Actually I was averaging 3 to 4 hours of restless sleep per night on good nights.  I also discovered that in addition to exhaustion, advanced sleep deprivation has some nasty mental side effects.  Mood swings, short temper & forgetfulness (really bad -early Alzheimer's level memory loss)  The reason I mention it is as things have improved these last few weeks I have started to recognize how bad things had gotten.  (It is much harder to gauge the degree of performance loss/ability when your capacity to notice is diminished as well.)  

Things are much better now & I sincerely hope that I have reached a point in the healing process that I can mark steady improvement from this point forward.  I am certainly making it a priority in any case.  But it also means that I have to clean up the damage done to my business & the financial mistakes that have to be corrected.  (one of the motivations for the long hours)  

The bad news is that in my single minded pursuit of meeting deadlines on the new project I have endangered my progress on my other goals.  Dealing with the injuries & feeling bad generally I broke down & went to doc today.  (something than I will usually clean toilets to avoid) but it turns out that I had a sinus infection that merited treatment.  10 glorious fun filled days of antibiotics and nasal spray, oh joy.  Sinus infections get my attention more rapidly these days because I use a CPAP machine to help me breathe while I sleep.  If you are stopped up you either don't get enough oxygen or you blow crap into your lungs, putting yourself at risk for other more serious problems.  

On the whole I have managed to keep to a reasonable diet with only a few lapses to comfort foods.  But I have not been exercising, other than 10 -15 flights of stairs per day @ office.  Just enough to keep me even, not enough for progress.  Hopefully now that I am armed with all the prescription goodies & with the bulk of my part of the project completed I can resume my quest for optimal health.

Keep up the good work Jon.  Those reminders do get through & I appreciate the effort.  BTW congrats on the race this weekend, sorry we couldn't make it over on Sunday.  I felt horrible & still had work that had to be completed for a Monday morning deadline.  Keep us on the list we will make it over there soon. ;-)

Oh well I have to go squirt some junk up my nose & try to get some sleep.  I hate insomnia, I might treat myself to sleeping pill tonite.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back in the saddle

Resumed quest with very mild workout this morning.

2 handed swings
1 handed swings

Spent about 20 minutes, will do more tomorrow.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 32

Ended first month of journey at 337 down about 17 lbs from Jan 1.  A good start to a long project.  I am particularly pleased with continued progress in spite of the challenges.  Falling down stairs & having to reduce excercise component slowed progress but did not halt it.

Ankle finally feeling better, only aches if I am on it all day.  I found I had to take a few days where I stayed almost completely off of it.  

Was planning to start again today.  But managed to pull something in my back last night.  Very sore & don't think swinging weight will help.  Will focus on stretches and isometric tensing of core.

I have found that by tensing my stomach muscles the back does not hurt as much.  Fo figure.

I have a pressing deadline for work in morning so I have to go to office & work today.  Will try to get up & walk around a bit every few minutes to keep from stiffening up.  

Looking forward to continuing progress in February.